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Chief Restructuring Officer

We assist companies that require specialised support at the board level. We regularly take on engagements at various management levels to support the board.

Our focus is to swiftly stabilise the company, rebuild stakeholder confidence, implement agreed measures and manage the required transactions.





Crisis stabilisation
Crisis Stabilisation

Maintaining solvency by stringent liquidity management and accompanying measures

Building confidence
Building Confidence

(Re)building confidence in the business through leadership and commitment to integrity

Target achievement
Target Achievement

Successful recovery of business through implementation of agreed measures

Additional tasks tend to arise in restructuring or transformation processes, which require immediate attention. Moreover, the healthy core business must be maintained to not jeopardize the overall process and endanger the restructuring.

The responsible parties must thus assess their available resources (manpower and expertise). Companies rarely have the required resources to properly and promptly address the additional tasks in a crisis without endangering the healthy part of their business.

We support companies in difficult situations with additional manpower and expertise.

Why RFL?

High prospects
of success.

Focus, competence and social intelligence are our key success factors.


Through leadership and integrity, we get stakeholders on board to further facilitate the company.


Sustainable success requires the organisation to adopt the new vision and strategy. We dispel fears and generate ac­ceptance for the new direction.


  • Performance or liquidity crisis
  • Lack of stakeholder confidence in the business
  • Bridging a management gap in challenging situations
  • To free up management resources
  • Supplement the existing management to reinforce the board and provide specialised expertise in crisis situations
  • Requirement by stakeholders in exchange for further support
  • CRO usually becomes part of the board
  • Typical tasks include crisis stabilisation and the implementation of measures agreed in the restructuring concept
  • 6-18 months
  • Fees are calculated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis dependent on the scope and complexity of the situation